Summary of “What to Do When You Feel Let Down by Someone”

With my friend, these seemingly contradictory feelings were adding to my stress as I tried to come to terms with the change in our relationship.
To get a handle on what was happening, I decided to make a list of unhelpful responses to feeling let down by someone.
That’s okay, but instead of letting that anger brew and intensify, let yourself feel the sadness that underlies it.
Feeling happy for others is called mudita, or “Empathetic joy” in Buddhist practice.
It’s worth it because feeling happy for others makes you feel happy.
When you’re feeling sad or let down in some way, it helps to speak to yourself in a compassionate voice.
I hope you’ll try compassionate self-talk the next time you feel yourself on the verge of aiming judgmental thoughts at yourself.
It’s painful to feel let down by someone, but it happens to all of us.

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