Summary of “How to Reach the Next Stage of Your Personal Evolution”

In each succeeding scene in the play of your life, you will act in different roles, have different supporting cast members, and take on new challenges.
Going from one scene to the next is a transition, involving loss and newness.
It’s painful realizing that various characters from previous scenes don’t make sense in the next scene, yet still you awkwardly try to fit them in.
Although you may have been timid and quiet in the previous scenes, your new situation may require you to lead and speak boldly.
In each scene, you will feel like a childAt each new stage in your journey, you will feel like a child.
What characters make sense in this next scene? What habits and behaviors? What role must I play?
I’ve talked to close friends who were influential and essential in the previous scene of my life, and told them of the new journey I’m on.
The writing and consulting work I’m doing attracts the people into my life that need to be here for this scene, so that we can help each other get to our next scenes.
Each scene should be a progression from the lastEach succeeding scene will look and feel different from the last.
Regardless of how the changes externally look in each new scene, internally you should be becoming better and more matured.

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