Summary of “The ultimate guide to gifting STEM toys: tons of ideas for little builders – TechCrunch”

The holiday season is here again, touting all sorts of kids’ toys that pledge to pack ‘STEM smarts’ in the box, not just the usual battery-based fun.
In recent years, long time toymakers and a flurry of new market entrants have piggybacked on the popularity of smartphones and apps, building connected toys for even very young kids that seek to tap into a wider ‘learn to code’ movement which itself feeds off worries about the future employability of those lacking techie skills.
Whatever STEM toy you buy there’s a high chance it won’t survive the fickle attention spans of kids at rest and play.
We certainly don’t suggest there are any shortcuts to turn kids into coders in the gift ideas presented here.
Your parental priorities might be more focused on making sure they develop into well rounded human beings – by playing with other kids and/or non-digital toys that help them get to know and understand the world around them, and encourage using more of their own imagination.
Like many STEM toys it requires a tablet or desktop computer to work its digital magicAge: 6+. Product: Computer Kit TouchPrice: $280Description: The latest version of Kano’s build-it-yourself Pi-powered kids’ computer.
Root uses spirographs as the medium for teaching STEM as kids get to code what the bot draws.
Age: 8+. Tech Will Save Us. Product: Range of coding, electronics and craft kitsPrice: From ~$30 up to $150Description: A delightful range of electronic toys and coding kits, hitting various age and price-points, and often making use of traditional craft materials.

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