Summary of “Should Parents Eat Lunch With Their Children at School?”

“The parents would bring pizza for some students and not others. It became a little bit of a circus and I do remember feeling like it was disruptive instead of being just a sweet lunch between just the mom and the kid,” she said.
Other children whose parents aren’t able to visit them can be left feeling neglected.
School districts have attempted to thwart these problems by forcing parents to sit with just their own children, sometimes in separate rooms or areas.
Rogers Middle School in Texas even offers parents and children the opportunity to dine at a “Bistro” with fancy-looking chairs to avoid lunchroom disruption.
“Some parents make hot lunch at home and bring it to them.” She says that there are at least seven or eight parents a day in her school’s lunchroom.
Parents who do eat with their children said that family lunches are a positive thing.
They argue, schools should be encouraging parents to become more active and involved in their children’s school lives.
In her district, she says, there are parents who join their children for lunch up to three days a week.

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