Summary of “Set the Conditions for Anyone on Your Team to Be Creative”

If you don’t believe me, take the least creative person in your office out for lunch – someone who doesn’t seem to have a creative bone in their body.
The secret to unlocking creativity is not to look for more creative people, but to unlock more creativity from the people who already work for you.
The same body of creativity research that finds no distinct “Creative personality” is incredibly consistent about what leads to creative work, and they are all things you can implement within your team.
One of the things that creativity researchers have consistently found for decades is that expertise is absolutely essential for producing top-notch creative work – and the expertise needs to be specific to a particular field or domain.
So the first step to being creative is to become an expert in a particular area.
Look at any great body of creative work and you’ll find a crucial insight that came from outside the original domain.
More recently, a team of researchers analyzing 17.9 million scientific papers found that the most highly cited work is far more likely to come from a team of experts in one field working with a specialist in something very different.
As Pixar founder Ed Catmull put it in his memoir, Creativity Inc., “Every one of our films, when we start off, they suckOur job is to take it from something that sucks to something that doesn’t suck. That’s the hard part.” It is that kind of continual iteration that technology makes possible, and that makes truly great creative work possible.

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