Summary of “Report: big tech is collecting children’s data at an alarming rate”

Along with those adorable photos, they are sharing crucial data about their children that big tech companies are harvesting.
In late November, Anne Longfield, England’s children’s commissioner – tasked with promoting and protecting the rights of children – published a report titled “Who Knows What About Me,” which examines how big tech collects data on children and what the potential dangers can be.
In the report, Longfield argues that parents are exposing their children’s data at an alarming rate.
The report calls on parents and schools to examine the type of gadgets children play with, like smart speakers, wifi-powered toys, and gaming apps, all of which are collecting data on kids.
Data shared by parents about children is collected at an alarming rate Potential dangers for children no longer just entail speeding cars and strangers with candy.
Smart devices are watching children too – and collecting their data Smart toys have already garnered plenty of criticism for leaving children’s data like location vulnerable.
Longfield writes in the report that “The amount of data inferred about children was of real concern.” Families are now being targeted with products because they are essentially being watched every time they’re online.
What will all this data on children mean for their future? While the report highlights current safety concerns for children’s data privacy, it also mentions some troubling future possibilities.

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