Summary of “Why Was “Sweet Valley High” So Relatable?”

My school transcripts might suggest otherwise, but I know in my heart that I attended Sweet Valley High.
For those who weren’t there, or choose not to remember, Sweet Valley was the fictional town created by New York author Francine Pascal, and the setting for a series of young adult books that shook the world for generations of readers.
I read the Sweet Valley High books in a feverish rush in my tween years, tearing through the initial series after evening prep but before the bell for lights-out rang, and then waiting until it was safe to continue reading by flashlight, hidden by my pillow.
Society in Sweet Valley wasn’t so dissimilar to society in Lagos.
Sweet Valley High was comfortable for me: an escape to a destination that I already knew my way around.
This was reflected in how we read the books – Sweet Valley High was not on any curriculum, so book drops were limited.
I read all the Sweet Valley High books, and when I exhausted that resource, I enrolled at Sweet Valley University, too.
I briefly watched the TV series that was based on the books, and when Francine Pascal announced a return to Sweet Valley with an original sequel, Sweet Valley Confidential, in 2011, I squealed with glee in a voice that came straight from 1996.

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