Summary of “A telescope fan sabotaged an astronomy forum. He ended up in prison”

Now, someone had taken the forum offline with a denial-of-service attack, and the evidence pointed to Goodyear.
A single forum post was enough to direct a temporarily devastating attack on a small business, while federal computer crime laws meant that same post could now come with life-changing consequences.
Even at a smaller scale, they can cause real harm – like Goodyear’s request did to the owners of the Cloudy Nights forum.
As the attack continued, Bieler called the local police and a lawyer who told him to contact the FBI. “I was like, ‘Well, they’re going to laugh at me when I tell them someone got mad on a forum and has decided to take down my website,'” he says now.
According to a September 2016 screenshot of Goodyear’s account, the last time he logged in – at least under his original username – was August 29th. The last successful DDoS attempt was on August 30th, the day before Goodyear spoke to the FBI. The attackers may have stopped voluntarily after that, or they might have been stymied by Astronomics’ new defenses since Bieler had hired a cybersecurity expert to help.
Either way, a jury found Goodyear responsible for one count of “Intentional damage to a protected computer.” A judge sentenced him to a $2,500 fine, $27,352 in restitution, and 26 months in prison.
Bieler had assumed the case was closed until the FBI arrested Goodyear a year later and summoned Bieler to court.
“We actually asked in our letter that he not get prison time. We just wanted him to stop attacking our website.”

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