Summary of “Emily Nussbaum: The Best TV Shows of 2018”

I really love shows from this year that are the right length, unlike, say, Netflix’s horribly paced “Maniac.”
Grant gives such a remarkable performance that I went and re-watched the delightful romantic comedy “Music and Lyrics” just to see more of him; at three episodes, the show’s exactly the right length, too.
Truly, I’ve thought about this show more than almost any show this year: it taught me a lot about a time that I lived through and thought I understood.
Nathan Fielder is a strange and clever man, and his sadistic, empathetic quasi-prank show messes with your head. A dangerous binge if you have a fever.
Consistent shows aren’t necessarily the most interesting ones; I hope that I’m not implying that.
Why would you watch a boring show like “The Romanoffs” when you could watch this?
This is the show that I watch for fun when I’m trying to kill time between the shows that I’m watching for work.
A soothing show that gives me some nice, basic ideas to improve my life, like Real Simple.

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