Summary of “How to Follow Up with People After a Conference”

Back at work, most of us immediately go into catch-up mode; the last thing on your mind is following up with the people you just met.
Here’s a framework for structuring your post-conference follow up to maximize the chances that your new connections turn into meaningful professional relationships.
What matters is capturing the data, and also making a list of people you spoke with whose cards you didn’t obtain.
You can’t invest in all connections equally, of course – so where should you prioritize your time? You may want to discard some connections upfront – for instance, someone who came up to you, handed you their card, and immediately started pitching you to buy their product or service.
Specifically, those are “Miscellaneous interesting people,” with whom there’s not an obvious point of connection; people with whom you have a specific reason to follow up; and people you’d like to build a deeper relationship with.
My work doesn’t generally overlap with hers, but I’d be glad to keep in touch because it’s always nice to know a diverse set of people.
Finally, you’ll meet some people with whom you’d like to build a long-term connection.
Perhaps there are future conferences coming up they might be likely to attend; you could get in touch to inquire if they’ll be there, and if so, plan to meet up in person during the event.

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