Summary of “Interview: Ron Funches on ‘SNL’ Cast Member Kenan Thompson”

Kenan Thompson is Hartman’s heir apparent, and not just because they both performed in sketches as two wildly eccentric chefs.
As the longest-running cast member in SNL history, Thompson has spent the last 15 seasons cracking the code to cutting through the comedic Gordian knot of what it takes to elevate any and every sketch he’s in.
As one of the breakout stars of Nickelodeon’s sketch series All That, Thompson went on to create some of the more memorable – and dare I say timeless – characters that transcended just the kids’ corner of popular culture.
Thompson was fortunate enough to break the cruel and callous curse that befalls many child actors and pivot into films, television, and sketch comedy for adults, landing a coveted repertory-player spot on SNL in 2003.
While Funches is a proper stand-up, he, too, has leapt from film to TV to, yes, even sketch comedy in similar fashion.
Is there a sketch that features Kenan you’d say was particularly foundational to your sensibilities? The recurring sketch of “What’s Up With That?” It was just a perfect send-up of old BET shows and where some black entertainment was at that time, which was defined by being all catchphrases and being silly and stupid and there being no content.
Kenan first made his mark as a young performer on All That back in 1994 where, coincidentally enough, a full-circle prophecy began as he got to share a sketch with Chris Farley, who was then at the height of his SNL popularity.
To wrap things up, is there a definitive Kenan sketch that showcases just how dynamic of a performer he is? Which one would you recommend to someone not familiar with his work?There are so many to choose from.

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