Summary of “Stop Wasting Your Hard-Earned Free Time”

Please answer me this: Why do we work 8-9 hours a day so that we can earn free time, while we endlessly waste that hard-earned free time?
I thought about how I invested my time: About two and a half hours on the train each day, working a job I wasn’t passionate about and spending my free time drinking in the pub with co-workers, watching TV shows or gossiping at work.
We all work hard to earn two things: Money and free time that we can spend on leisure activities.
Right? But shitty part is that we end up wasting that time on bullshit activities.
Anyway, if you keep wasting your time for 35 years, it’s no good.
We work hard to earn free time – but we can’t do anything with it because we’re too tired.
You know that you can’t party all the time and at the same time learn new skills.
Remember how Seneca said that “Life is long if you know how to use it”? Well, when you do things that are worth it, you’re using time – not wasting it.

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