Summary of “Anxiety and burnout: I work with kids. Here’s why they’re consumed with worry.”

I’d heard from parents, teachers, and friends with children that kids today live increasingly busy and stressful lives compared to previous generations.
The kids often used workplace lingo to describe their lives.
Kids today live with the baggage of their parents’ economic anxiety I’ve talked about these observations with friends who work with kids, parents, and other students when our church goes to summer camp.
Kids today have to constantly consider the perils of work and career with enough specificity to worry about it.
At the same time that they stress about the future that’s so very far off, they live with technology that keeps that anxiety consistently in the front of their minds.
While many of us who work with kids don’t want to name the likelihood that the generation behind us will do even worse than us, it’s hard not to see that we communicate it to them regardless.
These kids aren’t even being told that the point of all the work and the stress is a better life – they’re being told it’s necessary just to survive.
These kids live with what philosopher Pascal Bruckner calls “Tension without intention.” They’re constantly stressed, and they’re growing aware that there’s no payoff for it all.

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