Summary of “UCLA’s Katelyn Ohashi rediscovers her joy of gymnastics and becomes an internet sensation”

UCLA’s Katelyn Ohashi rediscovers her joy of gymnastics and becomes an internet sensation – Los Angeles Times.
“The first thing I was practically told was, you might not ever do gymnastics again,” Ohashi said.
“How I’ve always felt is that the fun in gymnastics got taken away from me too soon,” Ohashi said.
With Olympic aspirations no longer possible because her injuries, Ohashi decided to pursue collegiate gymnastics instead, and began considering UCLA. Kondos Field was sitting in a hotel room on a recruiting trip in Texas, deciding what to eat for dinner, when her phone rang.
The half-hour conversation began a recruitment process that eventually ended with Ohashi committing to UCLA. Kondos Field made a promise, too: to help Ohashi rediscover joy in gymnastics.
The gymnastics team’s Meet the Bruins exhibition meet Dec. 9 became a fundraiser for the Bruin Shelter, which provides housing to students who are homeless, after a year of organizing by Ohashi.
Ohashi is writing a poetry book that she plans to self-publish by the end of gymnastics season, focused on activism.
A gender studies major, Ohashi said her gymnastics days will be done once she graduates from UCLA, but she plans to keep writing, and will intern for The Player’s Tribune as she explores photography in her free time and works on projects with several non-profit organizations, helping survivors of domestic violence.

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