Summary of “What It’s Like to Be Allergic to Corn”

Becca, who writes Corn Allergy Girl, also gets a lot of her produce from local farms.
The diet of someone with a severe corn allergy is in some ways the ideal diet for a certain type of foodie: fresh, local, free of preservatives and processed foods, the provenance of every ingredient intensely cataloged.
Knowing how to avoid foods with corn is one thing; knowing how to navigate social situations where danger lurks in every corner is another.
Cassandra Wiselka, whose 5-year-old is allergic to corn, has written about the problem of Halloween.
Virtually all mass-produced candy contains high-fructose corn syrup.
It’s hard to say exactly why, but Wiselka noticed that “In Germany, things are a lot less processed, food-wise. At least not processed as much with things like corn.”
When she dives, she has to watch out for a few specific things-that her wetsuit has not been washed with a corn-containing detergent, that her dive partners have not been eating corn chips.
Sure, scuba diving can kill you if you aren’t careful, but she can be sure there is no corn in water.

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