Summary of “How to Spend Way Less Time on Email Every Day”

Our team at Zarvana – a company that teaches research-backed time management practices – set out to see if there is a data-supported way to reduce the 2.6 daily hours spent on email without sacrificing effectiveness.
What we found surprised even us: we realized we could save more than half of the time we currently spend on email, or one hour and 21 minutes per day.
If people checked their email hourly rather than every 37 minutes, they could cut six email checks from their day.
Between checking email six times more than needed, letting notifications interrupt us, and taking time to get back on track, we lose 21 minutes per day.
Turn off notifications and schedule time every hour to check email.
If people go to their inboxes 15 times per day and spend just four seconds looking at each email and re-reading only 10% of them, they’ll lose 27 minutes each day.
Roughly 10% of the total time people spend on email is spent filing messages they want to keep, a process that involves two phases: deciding where the emails should go and then moving them to the selected folders.
Move every email out of your inbox the first time you read it.

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