Summary of “Singapore’s ‘kiasu’ culture makes FOMO look like child’s play”

Singapore’s ‘kiasu’ culture makes FOMO look like child’s play – Los Angeles Times.
Long before Americans discovered FOMO – the fear of missing out -Singaporeans were fixated with its more excessive forebear, kiasu.
If you stand in line for hours just because there’s a gift at the end, then you’re kiasu.
If you’re a parent who volunteers hours of your free time at a school just so your offspring has a better chance of enrolling there one day, then you’re most definitely kiasu.
Foreign policy in Singapore isn’t immune to kiasu either.
There are modest signs of a kiasu backlash, including last year when a small group of parents formed “Life Beyond Grades,” an organization that seeks to relieve academic pressure on children to focus on their wider well-being.
A survey released last year by the Institute of Policy Studies, a local think tank, found that Singaporeans perceived their society to be kiasu more than any other trait.
“On one hand, there are Singaporeans who wear it like a mark of national character, even pride. Others laugh at it, and still others see being kiasu as being a bit of an embarrassment due to the over-the-top behavior it can encourage.”

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