Summary of “Words to Turn a Conversation Around”

Some of these words are surprising, and go against what we’ve been taught to believe.
From conversation analysts such as Stokoe to FBI negotiators and communication coaches, we’re learning which words are likely to placate or persuade us.
One of the first words Stokoe came across that seemed to have a magical effect on people was “Willing”.
Her evidence wasn’t scientific even so, “Just” is one of those words that has a habit of creeping into our emails and spoken conversations.
The word “Talk” seems to make a lot of people resistant to conversation.
“Anything else I can do for you?” Sounds like a perfectly reasonable question, doesn’t it? But John Heritage and Jeffrey Robinson, conversation analysts at the University of California, Los Angeles, looked at how doctors use the words “Any” and “Some” in their final interactions with patients.
A conversation expert, Kendall sits in on other people’s meetings as an observer.
“It’s about how you respond to people who are what we call ‘first movers’ – people who say something really critical, apropos of nothing.” It might be the work colleague who steams up to your desk with a complaint or the neighbour who launches into a rant about parking as you’re putting out the bins.

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