Summary of “Self-Reliance Is The Secret Sauce To Consistent Happiness”

Even though the purpose of life is not happiness in my opinion, being happy is still something that’s important to us.
When we become adults we should become self-reliant individuals, but funnily enough, we become even more dependent on others.
Otherwise, you become a dependent robot who can’t function by itself.
What you will find next are 6 lessons that can help you to become emotionally self-reliant.
How often do you think or feel something and you’re afraid of speaking it? We feel that we always have to agree with everything and everyone.
It’s always harder to speak your mind and to stand for something.
Once you separate yourself from everything in life, you become a passenger who tries to make the most out of every single minute.
If one thing falls through, don’t worry, do something else with your precious time.

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