Summary of “Qatar: Big lessons from a small country, Opinion News & Top Stories”

I would like to emphasise as strongly as I can that this Qatar episode holds many lessons for Singapore.
I told myself then that Qatar would pay a price some day for not acting prudently like a small state should.
Qatar ignored an eternal rule of geopolitics: small states must behave like small states.
In the jungle, no small animal would stand in front of a charging elephant, no matter who has the right of way, so long as the elephant is not charging over the small animal’s home territory.
LESSON NO. 2: CHERISH YOUR REGIONAL ORGANISATION. There are many reasons why our neighbours are unlikely to take against us the actions that Qatar’s neighbours took.
A small comparison will indicate how absurdly small it is.
To sum up, what is happening in Qatar is not just about regional rivalry in the Middle East, or power play between the superpowers.
In Singapore, we should pay close attention to developments there, and most of all, draw the right lessons from Qatar’s current plight, no matter how hard it may be to swallow the painful lessons from this episode.

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