Summary of “The Golden Age of Bailing”

You just pull out your phone and bailing on a rendezvous is as easy as canceling an Uber driver.
People feel free to bail on close friends, because they will understand, and on distant friends, because they don’t matter so much, but they are less inclined to bail on medium-tier or fragile friends.
A high-status person will frequently bail on a lower-status colleague, but if an intern bails on a senior executive, it is a sign of serious disrespect.
In the information age, the highly ambitious are masters of acquaintanceship – making a zillion useful contacts, understanding the strength of weak ties and bailing on a networking prospect with a killer-eyed coldness when a better offer comes along.
I’ve been reading the online discussions to understand the ethics and etiquette of bailing.
I’m delighted half the time when people bail on me.
We could, for example, create three moral hurdles every bail must meet.
Second, did you bail well or did you bail selfishly?

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