Summary of “Why Do Employees Quit on Their Bosses? Because They Never Get Asked These Important Questions”

There is a high commitment on the part of these leaders to give employees the right exposure and skills that fit their strengths, a well-defined career track, and meaningful work; there’s also a commitment to identifying next-generation leaders to carry the torch so high-performing cultures are sustained.
Part of growing employees is ensuring them of an engaging and positive work experience.
Over the decades, it has interviewed tens of thousands of employees to find the core of a great workplace, resulting in its “Q12 Engagement Survey.”
If you’re a leader or manager and your employees were asked the following about you, how would you do in this assessment?
Here’s a fact: When employees don’t get the tools, training, time, development, clear expectations, vision, or resources to do their jobs well, they experience low morale.
Great managers don’t just tell employees what’s expected of them and leave it at that; instead, they frequently talk with employees about their responsibilities and progress, especially during those first few months on the job.
Asking these questions fosters a sense that employees are doing meaningful work, belonging, and making a difference.
Asking smart follow-up questions will help such managers understand where each employee is coming from.

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