Summary of “The 3 Elements of Trust”

In our coaching with leaders, we often see that trust is a leading indicator of whether others evaluate them positively or negatively.
We looked for correlations between the trust rating and all other items in the assessment and after selecting the 15 highest correlations, we performed a factor analysis that revealed these three elements.
Further analysis showed that the majority of the variability in trust ratings could be explained by these three elements.
Another factor in whether people trust a leader is the extent to which a leader is well-informed and knowledgeable.
We wanted to understand how these three elements interacted to create the likelihood that people would trust a leader.
We compared high scores and low scores to examine the impact these had on the three elements that enabled trust.
We were also curious to know if leaders needed to be skilled in all three elements to generate a high level of trust and whether any one element had the most significant impact on the trust rating.
Think about which of these elements of trust you have a stronger preference for – and which you prefer least.

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