Summary of “In the knowledge economy, we need a Netflix of education”

Such a solution would adapt to the user’s needs and learn how to make ongoing customized recommendations and suggestions through a truly interactive and impactful learning experience.
In many ways the entertainment model is a good framework for knowledge management and learning development applications.
The solution for the learning and development industry would be a platform that can make education more accessible and relevant – something that allows us to absorb and spread knowledge seamlessly.
Just as Netflix delivers entertainment we want at our fingertips, the knowledge and learning we need should be delivered where and when we need it.
Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, solutions can now aggregate, curate and personalize learning processes and content.
New AI-driven platforms will deliver the content your knowledge workers need at the right time and place.
Curation: Using AI and machine learning will be key to curate relevant and contextual content to your team at the right time and at the point of need.
In the end, let’s use AI and machine learning to help advance our employees’ learning and career paths – and not to replace them.

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