Summary of “Policy Makers Need a New Path to Education Reform”

Today, the Chicago Schools CEO, its chief education officer, and two of the seven members of the board of education, including Hines, are former Chicago public-school principals.
No one disputes that some charter schools, like the Noble Network here in Chicago, are terrific.
What many reformers fail to acknowledge is that a lot of more traditional alternatives-places such as Poe Elementary, an award-winning neighborhood school on the South Side-are great as well.
It’s high time we stop fighting about brands, because the only thing that really matters is whether a school is providing a top-notch education.
The reform gospel’s focus on graduation rates obfuscates what’s really important for students in grades nine through 12.
If students don’t know where they’re headed after they finish 12th grade, they lose interest in their education well before the 12th grade.
High school needs to be seen as a bridge to the next thing, no matter whether it’s college, military or civilian service, or a specific job.
Kids today spend 80 percent of their time outside the classroom, and most well-off parents have the resources to augment what happens at school.

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