Summary of “Erika Christakis: Active-Shooter Drills Are Misguided”

Deaths from shootings on school grounds remain extremely rare compared with those resulting from accidental injury, which is the leading cause of death for children and teenagers.
In 2016, there were 787 accidental deaths among American children ages 5 to 9-a small number, considering that there are more than 20 million children in this group.
Preparing our children for profoundly unlikely events would be one thing if that preparation had no downside.
Much more worrying: School-preparedness culture itself may be instilling in millions of children a distorted and foreboding view of their future.
It’s also encouraging adults to view children as associates in a shared mission to reduce gun violence, a problem whose real solutions lie at some remove from the schoolyard.
In an escalating set of preparations for nuclear holocaust during the 1950s, the “Duck and cover” campaign trained children nationwide to huddle under their desk in the case of a nuclear blast.
Assessments of this period suggest that such measures contributed to pervasive fear among children, 60 percent of whom reported having nightmares about nuclear war.
This comes at a time when children are already suffering from sharply rising rates of anxiety, self-mutilation, and suicide.

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