Summary of “Steph Curry’s Game Is More Than Just His Shot”

“Imagine the amount of space required to get a shot off from that low,” Dell Curry told me over the phone in early February.
You realize how much the NBA has changed in 10 years when you read old scouting reports on Curry and so much of the focus is on whether he can be a “True point guard.” But Curry said that in high school he actually was a pass-first player who didn’t use his shooting to his advantage as much as he probably should have.
Curry played as a 2-guard his first two seasons until point guard Jason Richards graduated, which thrust Curry into the primary playmaking role for the first time since high school.
As the talent around his Warriors teams grew, Curry had to find balance between getting his own shot and setting up others.
“Everything has so much more purpose to what I do training-wise. It connects the whole chain, so I can carry a little bit more weight, be strong, and still be able to change directions in a split second, run, and cover as much ground on the court as I do,” Curry said.
Even with Durant on the roster, Curry is already shooting nearly as many times per game as he did during his historic 2015-16 MVP season, with slightly more 3s. Thompson’s numbers are nearly identical, too.
What could Curry do with 24 shots per game like Harden or Westbrook? As efficient as Harden is this season, it’s still below Curry’s career average.
The past five seasons, Curry has posted an astronomical 65.2 true shooting percentage on 18.3 shots and 26.7 points per game.

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