Summary of “Why Zion Williamson Defies Belief”

Zion’s dunks are the lowest type of hanging fruit for the casual basketball fan, but even the smarmiest hoop nerds become giddy schoolchildren when Zion pro-hops 10 feet to split an eager double-team and hit an open shooter.
Years ago, before player movement was really policed, teams would likely have just beaten the shit out of Zion.
In a transition sequence, Zion can play any part and blow the doors off of the defense, and the pressure his presence puts on the opponent brings heavy gravitational pull in his direction.
Imagine if Zion were playing on a roster that could’ve forecasted his role at the next level.
It’s easy to get carried away imagining how much his spatial advantages will improve in the NBA. Duke’s lack of shooting has also played a part in depriving us of Zion as a screener and short-roll creator.
Physical outliers like Zion give the offensive player a moment of ” oh no.
Ever since Sports-Reference began keeping stats, no player has soared to the heights that Zion has in PER, win shares per 40 minutes, offensive box plus/minus, and box plus/minus.
Years from now, when we’re passing around stories of this excitement, it’ll be fun to watch people attempt to separate folklore from reality-because the reality of Zion Williamson is that hard to believe.

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