Summary of “Use the KonMari Method to Tidy Your Mind”

A recent DePaul University study found that physical clutter is linked with procrastination and, in turn, lower life satisfaction.
“We have taken our wants and been told they are needs,” Joseph Ferrari, the lead author in the DePaul study, recently told The New York Times.
As the best marathoner of all time, Kipchoge has countless opportunities to make media appearances and live the life of a celebrity.
“In life, the idea is to be happy,” Kipchoge says in the documentary Breaking2.
“So I believe in calm, simple, low-profile life. You live simple, you train hard, and live an honest life. Then you are free.”
Decluttering your life doesn’t just improve happiness; it improves performance, too.
Decluttering your life may be effective, but that doesn’t make it easy, especially in a world characterized by hyperconnectivity and endless opportunities to do more.
What percentage of your time and energy is spent on activities that align with your core values? Which of the activities that do not align with your core values can you reasonably cut?

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