Summary of “How the vegan food trend made a star of the pungent jackfruit”

Thousands of miles from this tropical forest habitat, in food trucks in Los Angeles, vegan eateries in London – and now even at Pizza Hut- jackfruit consumption is surging among diners looking for an ethical alternative to meat.
Jackfruit is renowned for its meaty texture but the cumbersome fruit comes in many guises, I learned in the hills around Kochi city, at the farm of VA Thomas, Kerala’s one-man jackfruit encyclopedia.
For lunch, Thomas served us dry jackfruit, dehydrated jackfruit pieces, fresh jackfruit and boiled jackfruit mashed with turmeric and grated coconut.
Food researchers are trumpeting the potential for jackfruit to become a staple crop on a warming planet.
“The thing about jackfruit is that it’s huge – one of the biggest tree fruits in the world,” said Danielle Nierenberg, president of the Food Tank, a Washington DC-based food study institute.
In May 2018, the Kerala government declared jackfruit the state’s official fruit, with the winning slogan: “Jackfruit is the best fruit. Its fruit has innumerable good qualities.” It is now being processed into ice-cream, crisps and juices.
He signals for a waiter, who brings a plate of fish fried in batter made with one-quarter jackfruit flour.
Another study, to be presented in Rome in April, claims the use of diabetes medication fell in Kerala during jackfruit season last year, when the government was heavily promoting the consumption of its new state fruit.

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