Summary of “Are the super-rich ruining Burning Man?”

For many, Burning Man conjures up images of dust-covered attendees, known as “Burners”, dancing in the desert cut off from society.
Some see these camps as fundamentally opposed to the basic tenets of Burning Man.
Burning Man CEO Marian Goodell has taken the unprecedented step of withdrawing invitations to one turnkey camp – “Humano the Tribe” – and warning dozens of others.
In a blog post, Ms Goodell wrote that she was “Stunned” by the growing “Commodification and exploitation of Black Rock City and Burning Man culture”.
“Part of what makes Burning Man unique and powerful is that everyone has to work hard to be there.”
Greg Reynoso, 29, has been attending Burning Man for almost a decade.
Reflecting on the statement made by Burning Man CEO Marian Goodell, Greg describes his response as “Measured positivity”.
Greg says an important part of Burning Man is the level of preparation it takes.

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