Summary of “How To Get A Job Without Prior Experience”

Here’s the challenge everyone who starts their career faces: You can’t get a job because you don’t have experience, but you can’t get experience without getting a job.
It’s called the experience paradox or Catch-22 of getting a job.
“Create a resume, browse job boards, and respond to job applications.” Sorry to disappoint you.
When you do the following 2 things, you will become better-that will significantly increase your odds of getting a job without prior experience.
The reality is that there’s a massive difference between someone who doesn’t have experience at a particular job and someone who has two years under their belt.
Even though two years might not sound like a lot of time, it’s actually a lot of time to learn the ins and outs of a job.
If you seek out companies who hire for experience and skills, you have a good chance of getting hired-even if you don’t have experience.
So how can you do free work? Larry Stybel, a clinical psychologist, wrote an article for HBR about his experience launching his career.

The orginal article.