Summary of “How Men Over 40 Can Make the Most of Workouts and Build Muscle”

Here’s how I became an expert on building muscle when you’re over 40: I turned 40.I started paying more attention to the many dishonest ways fitness in general, and strength training especially, is sold to men and women over 40.
Those at the other extreme assume that everyone over 40 is a mess; that they’re either out of shape or broken down; that they aren’t interested in building muscle or increasing strength or just looking good in the mirror; that they’re so time-challenged that each half-hour workout must cover every aspect of fitness-strength, cardio, and flexibility.
Let’s start with a look at what’s real and what isn’t, and how you can use a program like Men’s Health Muscle After 40 for your own unique body.
The best defense against sarcopenia is to build as much muscle as you can, and then work everyday to retain it.
The best time to start building that muscle is “Long before now.” But if “Before now” isn’t an option, “Now” is where we’ll start.
What Works for Men Over 40 Your journey to 40 is not mine, and mine isn’t yours.
Different parts of the muscle handle different movements at different angles, which means you need more than pushups and bench presses in your workout program.
Want to learn more? Check out the Men’s Health Muscle After 40 guide to find out.

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