Summary of “4 Ways Lying Becomes the Norm at a Company”

It’s hard to fathom how lying and deceit permeated these organizations.
To guard your organization’s integrity, pay attention to these four factors.
Our statistical models revealed that even a 10% increase in strategic clarity, as evidenced by a shared and accurate understanding of the organization’s strategic aspirations by employees and the market, can improve truth-telling behavior by 5%. To improve strategic clarity, organizations must embed their strategic aspirations into every employee’s job.
Research on organizational injustice shows a direct correlation between an employee’s sense of fairness and a conscious choice to sabotage the organization.
Our statistical models show that even a 20% improvement in performance management consistency, as evidenced by employees belief that their contributions have been fairly assessed against known standards, can improve truth telling behavior by 12%. What we observed was that organizations where accountability systems were viewed as fair and just had standardized processes where employees both give and receive regular feedback.
In one large organization we worked with, every manager has monthly one-on-one sessions with their team members that follow a standard approach across the organization.
Organizations with well-designed governance have standing meetings with clear decision rights, and set the expectation that those participating be honest, especially with bad news or dissenting ideas.
Because the factors are cumulative, an organization afflicted with all four is 15 times more likely to end up in an integrity catastrophe than those who have none.

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