Summary of “An Oral History of ‘Office Space'”

Pitts: Office Space was my first movie, so you don’t know if something is funny if you went off script and tried your own thing until after they yell “Cut.” I think [Mike] told me one of the women on the crew fell out of her seat when they screened that scene.
Part VI: “It Looked Like a Big Bird Movie.” With a mostly unknown cast and subtle, specific humor, Office Space wasn’t the easiest sell.
Part VII: “Are People Coming Up to You About This Movie?” After a swift exit from theaters, Office Space started finding its audience on VHS and, eventually, on DVD. It became a staple rerun on Comedy Central two years later, as the network aired the movie more than 30 times over the next couple of years.
Eshelman: I worked with Ed McAvoy on a movie later that took place in a college, and he said it was so funny because he was doing a scout going down a hallway and people were playing Office Space in their rooms.
I remember one of the people at Fox high up who didn’t really understand Office Space, he saw Mike on the lot and said, “Mike! Office Space. Who knew?!” Well, we did!
Rappaport: I think anybody who has ever worked in an office identifies with this movie.
It didn’t help that the packet they sent to me [was] the review of the British Office saying “The Office succeeds where movies like Office Space failed.”
Dave Grohl: All over the world, every band I know, their favorite tour-bus movie is Office Space.

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