Summary of “How to cut your work hours in half”

Working this way has cut my hours almost in half, and has allowed me to run a nearly seven-figure business in just 20 hours a week.
The formal name for this type of schedule is “Context switching.” I discovered just how big an impact it can have on your productivity when I worked as a coordinator overseeing autism programs at two schools in a particular district.
Now, I manage to get all my client work done in just 12-15 hours a week and my administrative work in another 5-8 hours, which leaves me plenty of time to focus my energy on dreaming up new products and find the right market for them.
Examine your current schedule: Look closely at how many hours you’re spending on each task, or the role your work demands.
Could you put all your meetings in one or two days? Reserve one day a week for deep, creative thinking? Would an alternate-week schedule like mine work best for you?
Communicate: Once you’ve decided what sort of schedule blocking might work for you, be sure to communicate your new approach in advance to your clients and colleagues.
Keep your health in mind: Remember, the goal of developing an A/B schedule is to feel great about your work at the end of the day.
For every two hours of work, I schedule a 20-minute movement break in my calendar.

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