Summary of “How to Figure Out How Much Influence You Have at Work”

Informal power – which is unrelated to your formal title – can enable you to mobilize resources, drive change, and create value for the organization as well as yourself.
Approximate how much value you offer your contacts and how difficult it would be to replace you.
Do all of your contacts work in one team, function, product unit, or office building? This could indicate a limited ability to generate value beyond the basic requirements of your job description.
Do your contacts provide you with more value than you return? Such relationships are difficult to sustain in the long run.
Is all of the value you give or receive concentrated in a couple of contacts? You could be vulnerable if you lose these contacts or your relationship changes.
First of all, a prime way to rectify unfavorable power audit scores is to earn relationships by delivering value to your contacts.
Ask yourself: what value can you deliver to them? One way is to develop and continuously improve upon a skill set that leads others to value your contributions.
You may be surprised how something that is rather easy for you to do carries significant value for them.

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