Summary of “4 reasons you can’t seem to get your message across”

4 minute Read. How many times has your boss told you to get to the point when you’re trying to explain something-whether it’s giving a speech, or outlining the reason why you chose a particular approach over another? No matter how hard you try, you still can’t seem to do it.
To get to the point, you have to learn how to jump to a conclusion.
Just as a diver needs a springboard to launch into a dive, you need a structure to get to the point.
Having observed thousands and thousands of businesspeople talking, I noticed that the speaker who got to the point used an oral bullet point structure.
Next time you feel that pressure to jump into the conversation, begin by rephrasing what you’re trying to connect your message to, and you’ll discover how quickly you can get to your point with power and precision.
To get to the point, you need to focus on strategy-why does the audience care? You need to focus on calculating your best shot, not covering it up.
By shifting from fear to focus, you’ll be able to get to the point and increase your odds of making a difference through your message.
Guess what? Your audience doesn’t want to be dazzled by your brilliance-they want to get your point quickly.

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