Summary of “Crossing Divides: The friends who are good for your brain”

Something as simple as thinking about the people we have around us can do a lot to change that and can even help us become more creative.
A season of stories about bringing people together in a fragmented world.
One is by opening ourselves up to greater social diversity – in other words, doing things like mixing with, or listening to, people who are not “Just like us”.
People tend to make friends with those who are similar to them – in terms of values, preferences, and personality traits.
When people are exposed to a more diverse group of people, their brains are forced to process complex and unexpected information.
The more people do this, the better they become at producing complex and unexpected information themselves.
It could mean making new friends through volunteering with a group that includes people of all ages, or joining a sports club that involves people from other cultures.
Opening ourselves to new experiences can seem hard to do, but it can help us cross divides and nurture new and inclusive friendships.

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