Summary of “The 3 Minutes It Takes To Read This Will Improve Your Conversations Forever”

Following are the simplest tips I can give you to ask better questions, which will make your conversations more valuable to you and the people you engage with.
“Do you like movies?” You’ll get a more interesting answer if you ask, “Why do you like movies?”.
Example: If you ask a person why they like movies and they answer because it’s a good escape, you can follow up with, “Why do you feel like you need an escape?” If they answer because their job is stressful, you can follow up with “Why is your job stressful?” Repeated “Why” questions can turn a simple question about movies into a much deeper conversation.
When you ask a question, pay attention to the answer and ask a follow-up question about it to dig deeper.
If your goal is to learn from somebody, the easiest shortcut to do that is to ask them what they’ve learned.
The most interesting information is found in stories, so ask people to tell you one.
If you don’t fully understand something and want more clarity, ask a person how they would explain it to a kid or somebody with no experience on the subject.
“Am I missing anything? What’s the question nobody ever asks you but you wish they would?”.

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