Summary of “Scientists agree: Coffee naps are better than coffee or naps alone”

To understand a coffee nap, you have to understand how caffeine affects you.
Here’s the trick of the coffee nap: sleeping naturally clears adenosine from the brain.
Experiments show coffee naps are better than coffee or naps.
Scientists haven’t directly observed this going on in the brain after a coffee nap – it’s all based on their knowledge of how caffeine, adenosine, and sleep each affect the brain independently.
They have directly observed the effects of coffee naps, and experiments have shown they’re more effective than coffee or naps alone in maximizing alertness.
In a few different studies, researchers at Loughborough University in the UK found that when tired participants took a 15-minute coffee nap, they went on to commit fewer errors in a driving simulator than when they were given only coffee, or only took a nap.
A Japanese study found that people who took a caffeine nap before taking a series of memory tests performed significantly better on them compared with people who solely took a nap, or took a nap and then washed their faces or had a bright light shone in their eyes.
Interestingly, there’s even some evidence that caffeine naps can help people go for relatively long periods without proper sleep.

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