Summary of “People in open-concept homes are realizing the walls were there for a reason”

Wait, what?!? For decades, Open Concept, and the togetherness-loving, friend-filled lifestyle it was supposed to bring, has been a home buyers’ religion, the one true way to live.
There may be few real estate trends as enduring or as aspirational as open concept – the name realtors and home designers gave to vast living spaces that are all about happy-together time.
“Overall, the open concept was a reaction against years of small, low-ceilinged living, which felt restricting and stuffy to a new generation of home buyers.”
Oh, open concept, how you seduced us, made us believe that the fault is not in ourselves, but in our walls.
As real estate agent Kathy McSweeney, of Collins & Demac Real Estate in Shrewsbury, put it: “Whether [buyers] entertain or not, when they’re looking for a new home, they picture themselves entertaining. They want that big open space.”
Others get seduced by the fantasy of living in a pristine minimalist space – per every photo ever taken of an open concept home – only to forget that when your first floor is one room, there’s no place for clutter to hide.
Researchers have looked at what open space means in the workplace, and home buyers might want to take note.
Better hope you don’t have an open floor plan there, too.

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