Summary of “and learned to refuse invitations without guilt”

To me, there are few things more unendurable than counting down the minutes until you can reasonably leave a party without causing offence.
Lots of introverts become very good at hiding their discomfort, and I was one of them.
Every day, I had to speak to strangers, often asking them extremely personal and probing questions – an odd career choice for an introvert, perhaps, but I am very interested in other people’s lives and I hoped it would help me to overcome my fear.
With my newfound acceptance of being an introvert, I started saying no to things.
No to parties with free booze, bowling with colleagues after work or university reunions.
Here’s the thing: no one notices whether you leave a party early, because you are never as entertaining as you think you are.
Introverts are often unfairly maligned, framed either as troubled loners or posturing snobs.
So please don’t ask me to talk to strangers, or come to a party.

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