Summary of “Uniqlo Is Gap for Millennials”

Quality isn’t an attribute typically associated with fast fashion, but Uniqlo has also managed to build a reputation for durability.
Uniqlo can’t promise anything approaching that longevity, but in an era of disposable fashion, a Uniqlo garment, made from hearty materials and cut in a timeless style, can feel like an investment piece.
Like a mountain outfitter, Uniqlo touts the use of a number of signature technologies in its clothing.
HEATTECH, marketed as an innovative insulating system, and AIRism, which is promoted as moisture-wicking, are woven into a variety of Uniqlo staples-socks, underwear, camisoles, leggings, pants-supposedly making them more comfortable and resilient than competitors’ products.
More than 800 of the brand’s stores are in Japan-where Uniqlo, by its own estimates, accounts for about 6.5 percent of the total apparel market.
To achieve the kind of dominance in the U.S. that the company enjoys closer to home, Uniqlo will need to grow significantly.
“They have less brand awareness.” Many Americans have never heard of Uniqlo, or don’t know how to pronounce it.
As Uniqlo learned when it arrived on American shores, first impressions can be hard to manage.

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