Summary of “Interview: John Mulaney on ‘SNL,’ Broadway, Dave Becky”

We may never know whether or not John Mulaney wrote for Saturday Night Live, but one thing’s for sure: He’s one of the nicest and funniest comedians working today.
John Mulaney February 28, 2019 People are still tweeting at me trying to argue that Mulaney definitely wrote for SNL, but I’m not seeing any new arguments or proof, so I think it’s time to move on.
The headline I used for the post was “Hey SNL, Please Hire This John Mulaney Kid.” And on Facebook, there were comments from a couple guys saying, “Um, he wrote for SNL,” or, “You don’t even know that?” – “Megh, come on, you should know this.” So I just kind of Oh, that’s great.
You know the “John Mulaney as” meme where people post screenshots from your specials related to a certain theme? Or just the general idea of being turned into a reaction GIF? What is it like to experience that happening to you? Is it weird to see yourself meme-ified?It sounds like mummified, which is I’ve never heard it used that way.
In terms of the using quotes thing, I saw one of them that was Shakespeare plays, and I was embarrassed because I didn’t know enough about the plays to get how the quotes of mine matched up.
You know, it’s a wonderful song, but something about the lyrics and the makeup of the audience it was definitely a unique thing.
I’m not sure if you know Natalie Walker, but she’s a very funny comedian who tweeted recently that she wants you and Rachel Bloom to host the Tonys together.
You know, look, I don’t know if anyone’s offering it to us, but We’ll take it, and we only have a small rider.

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