Summary of “Full transcript: Defense Secretary James Mattis’ interview with The Islander – The MIHS Islander”

So I think once in awhile, people understand if we want to vote people into office that say “Let’s stop this, stop working on other people’s problems.” But I think eventually, as Winston Churchill put it, once the American people exhaust all the alternatives, they’ll do the right thing.
If you want to really change it in the long term, I think it comes down to doing so through education of the young people.
The short answer is, get the political end state right and then give it the full effort and explain to the American people and the American congress what you’re doing and get the whole world behind you.
TEDDY: How can the United States create an atmosphere of trust with the Arab people, especially in Iran?
Until the Iranian people can get rid of this theocracy, these guys who think they can tell the people even which candidates they get a choice of.
For so long when Russia vetoed the United Nations so they couldn’t do anything about it, the only reason that Assad is still in power and has killed hundreds of thousands of his own people and allowed the terrorists a place to set up camp and millions, literally millions of people, forced out of their homes with nothing but what they could cram into a car or put on their back, it’s all because of Iran.
Most of the Iranian people, I’ve known enough Iranian people or talked to Americans who grew up in Iran and it’s not them, it’s the regime.
I’ve sat behind then Secretary of Defense Gates who said the American people are not going to keep paying more than you for this defense.

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