Summary of “What it’s like to be on House Hunters and House Hunters International.”

So I’m going to tell you all about my experience with House Hunters International, on which we appeared in 2017, and House Hunters, which we filmed last winter.
The first thing you need to know is that in neither episode of House Hunters were Jeff and I actually house hunting.
House Hunters International is always looking for people who have moved abroad to feature on the show.
The show is intended to resemble a real-life house hunt, but exaggerated for TV. So you take your real-world wants, and in each house you visit, you ham that up.
In House Hunters International I mentioned that I wanted a bathtub, something that is nearly impossible to find in the Netherlands.
In our House Hunters International episode, Jeff is portrayed as wanting a small house that is close to work no matter what.
So when we moved back to the United States, we got in contact with the House Hunters production company, which is different than the House Hunters International production company.
We haven’t seen the episode yet, but I already know it turns on Jeff not being satisfied with any house and all the little home-repair problems he finds when house hunting.

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