Summary of “Stop Imitating The Habits Of Successful People”

Stuff like: “This behavior separates successful people from average people.” Or how about articles that list the habits of Millionaires or Billionaires? It’s so predictable.
We were talking about how a lot of people love to dissect success.
“There’s a difference between studying success and actually building a business or career that matters. It’s the same as talent and hard work. I know a lot of talented people who never contributed anything to the world.”
“And I also know a lot of people without talent who did wonderful things in life. Knowing how to be successful will not guarantee success. I believe it’s the opposite. People who don’t assume they know everything often accomplish the most.”
My mentor tried to make me aware that success doesn’t happen by imitating others.
No matter how many habits of successful people you might have, it doesn’t mean anything.
That’s why I find it odd that people try to imitate successful people.
That’s not the most important reason I don’t care about imitating success.

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