Summary of “I’m one of the NY1 anchorwomen suing over discrimination”

So why is it that, rather than being respected for the wisdom and experience that often comes with age, nearly two-thirds of workers aged 45 and older have seen or experienced age discrimination at work?
There appears to be a common misconception among TV news managers that “Young and pretty” women attract higher viewership and improve the bottom line.
In 1992, I was the first person hired for an on-camera role at the then-fledgling NY1 News on Time Warner Cable.
Over those years, NY1 made its name as a newsroom marked by substance over style and gained the trust of millions of New Yorkers who relied on our journalism.
You might also hear that new opportunities for on-air talent were in abundance, and NY1 was a place where you could quickly advance and develop your skills as an anchor.
With our careers that we all worked so hard to develop slipping away-what were we to do? We each filed complaints of age discrimination with human resources and with various levels of management at NY1, but the responses were remarkably dismissive.
The discrimination committed against older women in broadcasting has profound implications for the rest of society.
On June 19, 2019, we made the difficult and painful decision to file an age and gender discrimination lawsuit against Charter.

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