Summary of “The Best Running Tips of All Time”

So we’ve distilled 40 years of advice into one comprehensive list of the 27 pieces of advice that we consider most valuable to your running life.1.
Someone running 30 miles a week should run hill sprints for 1.5 of those miles.
Don’t Hydrate Too Much Right Before Running “Sloshing in your stomach is a sign that water has not worked its way into your bloodstream, providing a full feeling that’s a ruse for hydration.
Having running buddies will help keep you from burning out or slacking off.
Don’t Pick Just One Running Partner “One of the most basic ways to add a little variety to your running life is finding different running partners.
For trail running, figure out how long it takes you to run a mile-maybe two minutes longer than on roads-and go by time instead. Garmin GPS watches track your distance and pace.
First, Run Easy “The problem with most people is they only care about getting fast and think that once they get fast, running will get easy.
Try Skiing Any time a runner can work on strength, flexibility, balance, and/or use different muscle groups, it’s a good thing.

The orginal article.